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7 Tricks to Help You Sell Your House

Selling your house is one of those times when it pays to do your research – literally. Time after time it has been seen that spending that little extra to “prepare” your house for the property market can make a huge difference on the end price. Unanimous opinion is that if you prepare your house the way your buyers want to see it, you will have a much better chance of selling it for the price you want – and faster too. Here are 7 tricks to help you sell your house


Nothing conveys space like an uncluttered room! Clear the all rooms of any furniture you can do without. It doesn’t matter what you do with it: sell it on eBay, put it in storage, give it to friends, just get rid of it. Potential buyers like to imagine their own furnishings in a room, so doing this gives them a chance to do so. The de-cluttering also goes for cupboards: half-empty cupboards look much more spacious than ones stuffed full of clothes and other personal objects. Use it as an opportunity to overhaul your closet and help some local charities at the same time.

Surface Space

As important as clearing the rooms of furniture is, so too is ensuring that all mantelpieces, dressers, ledges, and windowsills are clear of papers, books, trinkets and ornaments, and CDs. When you’re selling your house, less is definitely more when it comes to checking out the inside.

Clean up

It’s a fact. A clean house is far easier to sell than a dirty one. So make sure that you pull out all the stops when cleaning this time. Windows should be sparkling, stainless steel items gleaming, bins empty of rubbish, cobwebs banished, and even the tops of doors should pass the “White Glove” test. Gardens need to be mown, trimmed, and tidied, and branches, twigs and wayward leaves removed. Bushes need to be pruned, and outdoor furniture scrubbed. Those extra hours spent cleaning may seem arduous at the time, but will be easily forgotten once the house is sold.

Neutral Tones

Boring they may be, but neutral tones appeal to everyone. Your stunning red room may have been a favourite until now, but the time has come to bid it farewell, painting over it with tones of Magnolia, Ecru, Vanilla and the like. Neutral tones provide an impression of spaciousness, and calm. When you refresh your walls, make sure it’s with neutral tones.

Buyer Perspective

Look at your house from the buyer’s point of view. If it’s a family, would you let a baby loose on the floors in their current state? If an elderly couple, would you leave light bulbs unchanged or a missing tile in the floor for them to trip over?

Floating Floors

If your floors are looking a little worn, carpet tatty, tiles dated, or lino peeling, then it’s time to install floating floors. Floating floors comprise of interlocking parquet planks, which sit on top of your original flooring. Completely removable if necessary, they will provide the fresh, new, clean, and classic look that sells.

It’s The Little Things That Count

Yes, it is true: placing vases of fresh flowers around the rooms, pulling up all the blinds, turning on lights in darker areas, opening up the windows on a warm day (or lighting a fire on a cold one), putting matching towels in the bathroom and crisply-ironed linen on the beds really does work. For a gentle contrast, plush cushions perched lazily on sofas and beds provides a wonderful impression of luxury and relaxation. Admittedly, in order to accomplish all of the above you may have to spend a little extra, however in terms of increased property value and a quicker private sale, that little extra will go a long, long way!

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